5 Reasons Why The System Is Broken

Feeling let down by the Traditional System that you are expecting to help...

When you have a loved one in addiction or when you are in addiction yourself, there is a false truth that Rehab is what you need to get clean.  Sadly this is not the case, as many people who seek change never actually get to a rehab and when they do they are either kicked out, walk out or are graduated with an ineffective relapse Prevention Plan.  No wonder the stats of success are so low!!

The System is Broken – not the people who work in it ‐ Working in community, working in detox & working in Rehab is hard work, but can be rewarding work. The issue is the ‘system’ is overloaded & the underlying philosophies & rules limit these good people in doing their job in a way that works for addicts & families

The system starts in the ACTION Phase of Change – I know if you have not worked through my Videos on the Steps to Change you may be wondering how many steps to change are there – answer is 6 & Action is Step 4. So, who is doing Steps 1 to 3 with this person – answer is no one, unless you, as the one who cares equip yourself to engage in this helpful stuff with your loved one

Everybody blames the Addict – How many times have you heard “they are not ready to change” or “they need to be ready to change”. Opportunities are lost because the responsibility falls on the addict – this is the person who is fighting for control between themselves & the addiction that has taken hold!!

Addiction & Addicts are stigmatised ‐ I am not sure how many times I have heard word ‘choice’ when it comes to addiction. The ‘Moral Model of addiction refers to ‘free will’, a person’s ‘values &
of course ‘willpower’, this archaic model & paints an addict as ‘bad’, & of poor ‘moral fibre’!! The ‘Medical Model’ refers to addiction as a disease. This model keeps addicts stuck, because it infers ‘addiction’ needs ‘professional treatment’, great for funding by the way but at the end of it all neither model is helpful

Lack of information & cooperation with families – Knowledge is power, & to achieve success & feel good we need to ensure we are empowering families & addicts. Everyone deserves the right
to learn, understand & to be positively involved in their loved one’s recovery, including the loved one themselves. The system does not adequately equip addicts with their ‘Road Map to Change’. The system excludes families as an effective tool in change & no one is preparing Addicts or Families for Relapse Prevention.

What needs to be considered in a pathway to change:
Family Led Change is an ideal model that can support your loved one in their journey toward change.  Family members are 'natural supports' for the addict, yet they are never considered as being useful in this pathway to change.  Addicts need to be in a safe environment with people who care.  Caring is where it starts, because if you care enough to enroll in my course Transform Your Life In Five Simple Steps, then you care enough to be a leader in influencing your loved one to change.  So make a positive move today - book a free no obligation Discovery Call with me, and discover how you can make a difference in your life, & in your loved ones life.

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