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Help for You - Rosemary Brown

Have you tried everything you know to how to achieve change?? Get serious about change - get Transformation through working with Rosemary.  You can choose to work with me 'one to one' through my online Transformational sessions, or you can choose to enroll in one of my Help for You - Alcohol, Drugs & Change Courses, or you can combine both for maximum transformation.

I know the traditional models regarding Alcohol & Drug and the impact on families do not always work for loved ones or the addict.  I have developed a model that works - 'Family Led Change'.  This model has a unique focus on you - even if you are impacted by someone else and their behaviour!! Too many people are given too many stories, all with the best intentions.  This helpful advice often causes more frustration and confusion. It's easy to tell someone what they should do, but in reality this can be very difficult to do.  When you work with me you will discover there is no right or wrong way to do things - just the way you find works for you!! 

Book Your FREE 45 Minute Discovery Session TODAY: If you are going to Overcome Your Loved Ones Addiction - this is where you start.  Rosemary will review your current situation and explore with you how you can make a positive change in your life.   Explore options you probably have never thought of and feel empowered that you can influence positive change.  

Options that will transform your life.

Alcohol & Drug Use

Are you struggling with the impact that alcohol & drug use is having on your life - and you are not even the one that is using!  It does not matter if you are the person using or if you are a loved one impacted by this use - this can be a painful & traumatic time.  As someone who cares you are told you cannot help your loved one - you need to stop 'enabling' them & change will only happen when they are ready. I want you to know this is not true - everyone can influence positive change - when you are well & when you know how.  Don't stay trapped in your loved one's Cycle of Addiction - when you feel desperate, when you need help, when you are 'over' alcohol or drugs ruling & ruining your life - let me help you break this horrendous reality for you.  

Saving Yourself

Before you can make a difference and help your loved one to get well - you need to get well yourself.  Being emotionally reactive creates stress, conflict and destroys relationships.  Those who have a loved one in Addiction are given too many stories - things are confusing, people feel judged, & you are always questioning if what you are doing is 'right'.  Others can blame you for 'enabling' and despite wanting the best for everyone - the family chaos is destroying you, your family & your loved one.  If this sounds like your life, then lets connect.

Family Led Change - that could be you!!

When it comes to Alcohol & Drug use, and those impacted by alcohol or drug use of a loved one, the system consistently tells you - you cannot make a difference in your loved one's life - the system leaves you questioning everything you do or don't do - everything you say or don't say and the whole situation becomes overwhelming, and many families are torn apart.  It only takes one family member or someone who cares to make a difference! 

If this sounds like you - connect with Rosemary for a FREE 45 Minute Discovery Chat - Rosemary will listen to what is currently happening in your world, she will answer your questions and she will empower you to think about this differently - in a way that allows you to experience positive change - regardless of what your loved one is doing!!!


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