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Passion for making an impact in a positive way

Many have described Rosemary as she ‘just knows what to do and say’, and this has helped them in their journey to find some peace and calm in their life. Living with someone else’s turmoil in your life or living with the threat of abuse and violence is stressful and is bound by high emotion and often family conflict. Rosemary says “stories are just stories – to be written rather than lived”, our stories are our reality. Rosemary wants to support you to take your current situation and to transform your story to make life better for you. Rosemary knows there is no right or wrong in our stories, she values your story and looks forward to working with you to get your desired ending.

Hi I'm Rosemary Brown

I am an Addiction Specialist and have well over 20 years experience working with people who struggle with the impacts of Addiction.  I work using my own proven model of Empowerment & Transformation - 'Family Led Change', this works for both family members and addicts. 

If you have a loved one in addiction or if you are an Addict then lets chat.  I offer courses, resources and one to one Transformation Sessions.  Working with me you will leave behind the fear, the chaos and the stress of your current situation - get balance back in your life, while enjoying the journey with Rosemary. 

My life journey has enabled me to experience first-hand the issues that I transform. My journey has not always been perfect and in hindsight I do think there were times when I could have done better. In those years, if I had been able to recognise why I behaved as I did, if I had been supported to achieve change, then perhaps things would have been different.

I have no misgivings; I know my life journey has inspired me to do what I do today and to do it from more than just theoretical perspective. Today I am in control of myself and able to do what’s right for me, I don’t always get it right but hey I am human. I look forward to connecting with you and supporting you in achieving what you want to achieve.

My Experience & Quals

My experience as an Addiction & Behaviour Change Specialist offers the people I work with a unique level of intervention.   I have learnt my trade working in Dual Diagnosis, Specialist A & D Services, Managing Drug Treatment Units in Prisons & offering Specialist Services in my Private Practice. 

My academic qualifications are - Batchelor of Applied Social Science (Counselling), Graduate Diploma in Supervision, Post Graduate Diploma Maori Health, Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming & I am a qualified Multiple Brain Coach  

My Focus

My focus is to help others understand those things that can be so confusing - alcohol, drugs, anxiety, depression and violence defy common sense - we expect a linear solution - from here to there - action to consequence - when often we are trapped in a never-ending cycle that is destructive, difficult and tiring - change is possible.

 So many are caught up in their loved ones Active Cycle of Addiction - making them a puppet to their loved one's life choices - together let's break that cycle.  If you have an addiction or suffer anxiety or depression, then contact me today to get started on change

My Promise

When not much else is working for you or your loved one and you are feeling like you have heard it all before - I am sure I can add value to your journey.

I will be honest with you and I will help you understand your situation while, together we work to remove barriers and ultimately grow from your struggles and heal from your pain.  The reason I know what works is because it has worked for me, for many other clients - & I work with your reality - not what the 'book says'.

Get started today on your journey toward wellness

Help For You - Rosemary Brown


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