STOP living with the fear, chaos & stress of a loved one's addiction

If you have a loved one in addiction you have come to the right place for help, knowledge and support

Many family members delay getting Specialist help when their lives are in chaos because of a loved ones alcohol or drug use - this only prolongs the pain.  

Get serious about Overcoming Your Loved One's Addiction and join the Help for You - Rosemary Brown community NOW

When you work with Rosemary you will discover there is no right or wrong way to do things, the only way is a way that works for you!!  

Start by booking a free 45-minute Discovery Session with Rosemary - you will get to explore your current situation & how things can be different.

Stop Believing Things Cannot Be Different

When you desperately want life to be different but don't know how to achieve that and you have tried everything!!  You have one option left, and that is to work with Rosemary.  

Rosemary knows that traditional models and interventions do not work for family members of those in Addiction and these traditional services more often than not fail the Addict as well.  It's not the people that are bad, it is the structure, the messages and the beliefs behind these services that get in the way.  

So, if you are sick and tired of being told you cannot help your loved one, if you are driving yourself crazy trying to decide if you are 'enabling' your loved one or not, and if you just want to find a different way, a better way - then contact Rosemary today

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