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Family Led Change

Here at Help for You - Rosemary Brown we acknowledge and recognise the incredible value family add to influencing positive change for someone who is caught up in the evils of alcoholism and addiction.  In years gone by, when we trusted the strength of the 'family unit' and the community, everyone had a role in the community and issues were addressed within that environment, nowadays people rely on others to 'fix' the problem and seek to look to 'professionals' for the magic fix.

As a family member who cares, you are the best person to influence positive change for your loved one, this journey requires a total shift in mindset and the openness to learning a new way - a simple way that makes sense.  While on this journey you are connected with everything you need.  At Help for You - Rosemary Brown we provide online course delivery, coaching one to one, weekly group coaching times, and most importantly Rosemary provides your one to one therapeutic intervention.

In the Help for You - Rosemary Brown community, you have contact, through the Private Fccebook Group, with others just like you, you get to be an active part of this group if that is what is right for you.  We are set up and designed to give you the support to ensure you have the best possible chance of success in your journey. 

Rosemary is open to meeting your loved one, if that is right for them.  This one off Assessment Chat with your loved one - at no extra cost - is invaluable so we can personalise your plan moving forward.

Family Led Change has three steps:

Step 1 - getting yourself well first, building your foundation of wellness through the Alcohol, Drugs & Change Foundation Course and through utilising one to one transformation sessions with Rosemary, where she uses unique ways of working (NLP Interventions) to clear the trauma and backlog of emotions.  You get to understand your loved one from a different stand point, know them as an addict, know addiction, the pathway to change and recovery, this sets you up for success.

Step 2 - Creating a relationship with self and your loved one that will allow you to be in the best position to influence change.  Before your loved one is ready it is important you complete the Alcohol, Drugs and Change - Influencing Positive Change Course.  This course equips you with three very important tools, the power of Self in influncing positive change, the Power of Relationship in influencing positive change and the Power of Language in influencing positive change.  Throughout this course Rosemary coaches you to ensure you do not struggle with creating a different way forward.

Step 3 - Is all about Relapse Prevention and ensuring you are aware of the risk of relapse back to your old ways of coping, the Relapse Prevention Course for Addicts and family members, takes you through the steps to ensure together you build a strong plan that is workable in your situation

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