5 Myths About Alcohol & Drugs

People need to hit ‘rock bottom’ before change is possible – NOT TRUE change is possible when other’s care and work together to give the best possible motivation to change

This is not my problem – NOT TRUE if you are impacted by someone’s use then it is your problem, and you need to consider taking responsibility to at least try and do something about it for yourself!!

Because my child is using alcohol or drugs, they will become dependent – NOT TRUE not all people who experiment with alcohol or drugs become dependent many have their own resources to ‘grow out of it’ but if there is a genetic history of dependence this will increase the risk

Alcohol is okay but other drugs are not – NOT TRUE alcohol is one of society’s most dangerous drugs just because its legal does not mean its okay.  More people are dependent on alcohol than any other drug in this country!!!

Because the doctor prescribes it - it’s okay – NOT TRUE Doctors prescribe some pretty dangerous drugs that are necessary in usually serious situations.  Pain killers are drugs of dependence, so are sleeping tablets and some other drugs prescribed to reduce anxiety and stop panic attacks.  Make sure you know what you are taking; the side effects and any possible withdrawal symptoms that will occur when you stop taking them.  Often what these drugs are prescribed for are the very symptoms you will experience when you stop taking them and this can be really scary!!!


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