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Take control of your reality, learn how to build your resilience in a beneficial way.  Responding how you are currently to the drama and chaos addiction brings into your life, as someone who cares, damages your relationships, your health and your ability to live life in a meaningful and enjoyable way.

I believe everyone has the ability to turn their reality around, with the right guidence and through changing the things you can control.  Join the Help for You - Rosemary Brown community today and start making a difference in your life.

What you gain through this course……

  • An instant connection with the power of a stormy sea, and how to navigate that in the most beneficial way.
  • You will grow into a skillful captain, sailing the rough seas of a loved one's addiction, with minimal effort & stress.
  • You will immediately recognise where your attention and focus is best placed, to give you the best outcomes, so you stop using your energy on stuff that doesn't help.
  • You will be able to influence your thinking in a positive way, not through fighting your unhelpful thoughts, but by using a ‘thoughts as clouds’ technique.
  • You will review your current coping strategies and create new more helpful strategies that work for you, and make a difference in your relationships with others.
  • You will know what you can and cannot control in your situation, finding the right balance that is helpful for you, and allows you to stay true to your pathway forward.
  • You will create your own personalised Resilience Plan, that will strengthen your wellness and your approach to you current chaotic situation.

This is a 100% online course, that you do in your own time.  I can hear you saying "I will do whatever it takes to help my loved one in a positive way", be true to that committment, as influencing positive change for your loved one, starts with you changing and getting well.

Remember nothing good can come from staying where you are at this time.  You deserve to give yourself a start in the right direction, it will be way more beneficial than continuing to do what you are currently doing.

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