6 x one to one Transformational sessions with Rosemary - can be used for Therapy or Coaching


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Sessions are via Zoom

If you feel limited by your emotions, or your behaviours, or if your constant over-thinking gets in your way of feeling your enjoyment of life, then working with Rosemary will benefit you in an amzing way.  Make the most of your opportunity to experience individual online transformational therapy sessions, utilising amazing fast and simple NLP Techniques.  In 6 sessions you will experience significant meaningful change for yourself and you will be able to live the life you want, not the life others think you should be living.  

By engaging in NLP online with Rosemary, not only will you experience some very powerful NLP Techniques, you will feel heard and understood and most importantly you will achieve the goals you want to achieve.  When you have 6 sessions of NLP you open the door to build on your foundation of change, learn new techjniques and skills, learn what assertiveness really is and how to be assertive without the limitations of responses by others impacting you.

Ever dream of becoming your own person, not feeling the guilt that you are not meeting ohers needs, being able to say yes when its right for you and more importantly no when it is not what you want for yourself, achieve this freedom in 6 short sessions.  

Rosemary believes in you and your ability to achieve this with the right help and with NLP.

(NOTE: Rosemary will advise you if she believes this will not be possible for you and she will help you step out goals that reflect your reality, your needs & she will ensure this is right for you)

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