Three Simple Steps to Turning Your Life Around

Online Course


This is a six month program that has three mainareas of focus - 

Step 1.  

Getting yourself well emotionally and creating opportunities for you to break 'The Mirror Cycle', leaving you the opportunities and room to learn a different way of responding to your loved one.  This first module helps you recognise the unhelpful roles you have been playing and also how to implement new healthy coping stratigies and roles.

As you finish this first module you gain empowering knowledge to understand, the addict, addiction, the pathway toward change and the basics of staying stopped off substances.

Step 2

We all know that no one likes to be told what to do, and we know that addicts have limited ability to recognise valuable advice and respond to it.  You are the most valuable tool your loved one has to support and influence them toward positive change.  Key to this is

  1. the power of 'self'
  2. the power of relationship
  3. the power of language

When these are utilised to recognise 'Windows of Opportunity' and to plant 'Intentional Seeds', the person thinks about what you have said or done and they 'process' this, rather than dismiss your attempts to help and support positive change.

Step 3

Relapsing back to old ways of being and doing is known as a Relapse.  Relapse is a normal part of change, something we can learn and grow from rather than a 'failure'.  So many people are put off their vision and goals through slipping back to old ways, they may beat themselves up, think this is all too hard, or become very angry and distressed by it.  

Step 3 helps you recognise the early warning signs of relapse for yourself and your loved one, you get to identify your triggers, you learn more about yourself and what works for you to stay on track and you also get to develop a personalised Relapse Prevention Plan.  

Overall this program is life changing, it does take committment and focus but the outcomes are very rewarding.  Help for you are there every step of the way and through one to one therapeutic engagement, coaching in each step and through being part of the Help for You Community Facebook Group, you feel like you are never alone and that others really do udnerstand. 

Please book a Discovery Call with me - Rosemary brown if you are unsure if this program is 'right' for you and your current situation

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