Alcohol, Drugs & Change - Keeping it simple for those impacted by a loved ones alcohol or drug use



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Having a loved one in addiction fills your life with fear, chaos, and stress

No one ever tells you anything that actually helps you cope with a loved one’s addiction, in fact the main messages you get are, you cannot help your loved one, you need to stop enabling them, and you need to wait until they hit Rock-bottom.

This book is nothing like that - this book will empower you through this difficult journey.This book is written by someone who knows, Rosemary has worked in the field of addiction for more than 23 years, she has life experience with alcohol and drugs and has been through the pain and desperation of having a loved one in addiction. Rosemary knows the traditional system fails both addicts and family members alike and she knows the success rates for addicts wanting to stop and stay stopped is very low.

Addiction is not some complicated thing, yes addiction defies 'common sense' and it tears families apart, but Rosemary's motto is to keep it simple. What you will learn in this book is you can do something about your current situation, you will recognise what is really happening for you and your family and the questions that you have had for so long will be answered.  Why do people use, despite the problems and pain that this is causing? What does change really take?

As someone who cares, you will feel empowered to step back from the turmoil and chaos and become part of the solution rather than being seen as part of the problem. If there is one positive thing you do in this situation, take the time to read this book and learn some stuff that you have never heard before, it may just save your sanity and your family.

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