Alcohol Drugs & Change - Your Foundation for Success

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This foundation course offers you an opportunity to learn how to create your foundation to Overcome Your Loved One's Addiction.  Before anything can be differernt you need to get well & learn how to stay well.  

I am sure when you stop and think about it, you will recognise how this situation is slowly 'killing you', and how nothing you are doing is making it any better.  Stop trying to get your loved one to change - it isn't working!

This course is delivered via the private Help for You - Rosemary Brown training site - where you have your own log in and can work at your own pace.    

Alcohol Drugs & Change - Your Foundation for Success content - 

Delivered via video lessons over 4 modules with Workbooks to personalise your learnings.

In the lessons we explore:

MODULE 1 – Impact of Addiction

Module 1 –
Impact of Addiction

Coping Strategies
Impact on Children  
Family Dynamic
Module 3 –
Understanding the Basics of Addiction

Nature of An Addict
Impact on the Brain
Changing Your Response
Influencing Positive Change
Module 2 –
Breaking the Cycle for Yourself

The Mirror Cycle
Stress & how to reduce this
What role are you taking
A new role & a new way
Getting well & staying well
Module 4 –
Understanding the Basics
of Recovery

The Difference Between Stopping
& Staying Stopped
The Journey of Recovery
The Real Reason Rehab Fails
85% of Addicts
How You Can Influence Positive Change

This amazing foundation course is a great place to start your journey.  By completing this course and committing yourself to doing the work you will arrive in a toally different space, one where you:

KNOW the true impact of your loved ones addiction, & why your family is in conflict

CAN break your cycle of stress, chaos & fear, & know the keys to creating this dramatic change for you.  This change gives you your life back & so you can have fun once again

KNOW the essential basics of addiction, what is really happening for your loved one, and what their pathway to change looks like - yes there is a roadmap!

FEEL EMPOWERED through knowing what it takes to stop – and stay stopped.  No longer  placing your hopes on a system that doesn't work for most who want change, in fact you will know what positive change takes and how you can be the best person to influence this.

Buy today and you will recieve a bonus offer of free access to the Online Training Course Toolbox of Helpful Resources, this is normally only available to my higher level course participants.

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