Addiction Counselling Near Me

The habit of consuming prescription drugs, street drugs and alcohol can often be repetitive without one realising. In our society, taking drugs and excessive alcohol consumption has been normalised, as it can help you relax and have fun in party settings. However, this dependence on substance abuse can grow stronger and stronger, until you find that you’re orienting your life and all of your decisions around when you can have that next drink or dose.

If you are an addict, the first step to treating yourself is accepting your condition and making an active decision to work towards your health and state of mind. This entire process can be overwhelming and difficult, but that’s where we can help. At Help For You - Rosemary Brown, our registered counsellor who practices as an addiction specialist and behavioural change specialist, Rosemary, can help you and your family understand that substance abuse doesn’t have to plague the rest of your life, to which an addiction counsellor can help empower you to return your life back to normal.

It’s important to try your hardest not to relapse, especially if you’ve managed to avoid consuming drugs or alcohol for weeks. Relapses can be very dangerous and it can easily lead you back to your addiction. If you’ve been clean for a while, it’s important to stay strong and to keep focusing on your recovery. It also helps to keep yourself busy and surrounded by positive people who will support your recovery. This is where addiction counselling can help you in fighting your own demons. There are many types of therapies used for addiction counselling, to help people overcome their cravings.

Why Do You Need Addiction Therapists Near Me?

If you or your loved one is a victim of addiction, it is crucial that you seek help, particularly addiction therapy. A substance addiction is more than just physically wanting to ingest something. It extends beyond the physical needs and creates mind altering experiences that activate the brain in unusual ways. Additionally, addiction also causes significant harm to the brain and its cells. Parts of the brain that are related to decision making, learning, behaviour control, memory and more start showing significant changes, in a negative manner.

Even if you have managed to overcome your addiction, therapy is a must to help you avoid relapsing. You may think that you’re free from your addiction but you never know when a problem strikes and your world comes crashing down to your sudden craving of consuming. There is no need to ostracise yourself, as this process is very natural and can be seen in daily occurrences such as people enjoying a drink or two but consuming more when they are feeling stressed or overwhelmed.. Even though these occurrences might not significantly impact their life, relapsing if you’re an addict can be incredibly detrimental to your health and progress.

Certain social and psychological factors can be powerful triggers for relapsing. For example:

  • Sudden life stresses. Anything that might be of an inconvenience may make you feel as if you need an escape, a getaway
  • Memories. Visiting a particular place, passing by a neighbourhood or doing anything you used to do when your were using or visiting a place where you used to use can create a sudden urge
  • Social networks can also be triggers. As we discussed above, for some people, drinking is recreational and does not pose a threat. On the other hand, one drink for someone who shares a history with addiction can be perilous. Additionally, when you are hanging out with your friends or are at a social event where everyone is drinking, you may feel like you need to start using again.

At Help for You - Rosemary Brown we focus on providing support for the families affected by a loved one's substance abuse. Our registered councellor who practices an addiction specialist Rosemary Brown understands the peripheral impact addiction can have on friends and family. Visit our website at or email us at to talk to a highly experienced addiction therapist today.


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